Brake fluid flush

Car manufacturers recommend changing brake fluid every two years. Recent research revealed that 86% of car owners do not check their brake fluid levels and do not have it replaced at recommended intervals. Some garages may also fail to check or advise customers to change their brake fluid. The same research also found that 68% of all motorists claimed to be unaware that brake fluid needs changing as a part of a vehicle service.

Why does brake fluid need to be changed?

Brake fluid is ‘hygroscopic’ this means it naturally absorbs water over a period of time, which in turn reduces the efficiency of the braking system. This occurs because the water reduces the boiling point of the brake fluid, air-bubbles are created and braking efficiency is lost. Only 3% of water content is necessary for this to happen!

The biggest problem is that the brakes may seem quite normal until they reach boiling point, which can happen during hard braking on a steep hill, whilst towing a caravan or on a fast stretch of road. At this point the brakes may begin to feel spongy and the vehicle may fail to stop.

The solution

The good news is that braking problems can be eliminated by proper servicing of the braking system. Here at Western Pro Automotive Servicewe can test the brake fluid for water and advise you on whether a brake service is required.

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Engine Cooling System

Why an Engine Coolant Flush?

Your radiator protects your engine and air conditioning condenser from overheating. It also plays an important role with the computer controlled system. An engine temperature sensor actually tells the computer what the engine temperature is so the computer can adjust the air and fuel mixture and engine timing. The efficiency of the radiator directly effects the efficiency of your engine.
That’s why flushing the cooling system and pH balancing the coolant is recommended at least once every two years.
Our coolant system power flush continuously forces fluid under pressure through the engine, radiator and heater core in both directions at different times to remove contaminates. We pressure test the cooling system for leaks, clean the recovery bottle and pressure test the radiator cap. The system is then refilled with the proper mix of coolant and water to reach the -35 degrees for winter protection.
We only use new coolant and not the recycled kind.
Let our certified technicians perform this service today.

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Engine Oil Flush

Motor vac engine oil flush will pump a special cleaning fluid into the vehicles oil pan. With the engine idling, the oil/detergent mixture is circulated through the engine’s lubricating system. As the mixture passes through the engine’s lubricating system, it loosens and dissolves accumulated deposits, which then pass harmlessly out of the engine and are removed by the unit’s 5-micron filter. Removing contaminants from the engine’s lubricatingsystem creates better oil flow, which improves horsepower, increases fuel economy, and reduces exhaust emissions.

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Fuel Injection System Service & Engine Carbon Clean

Modern cars use advanced fuel systems which must be kept clean in order to work efficiently. The fuel system in your car supplies the engine with the correct amount of fuel. However, over time carbon builds up and prevents the fuel system from working properly. This can result in poor fuel economy and higher emissions.
To keep the fuel system running efficiently, Western Pro Automotive Service offer a ‘fuel emission service.’ for both petrol and diesel vehicles.

A clean fuel system =
Cleaner engine and Fuel System
Increased engine performance
Reduced fuel consumption
Lower fuel emissions
Kinder to the environment

fuel injection system service

MIST Service

Do you Air-conditioning get up your nose?

The car is often a necessity in our hectic lives, but fortunately the air-conditioning provides a pleasant environment for driving. However, the operation of the air-conditioning can be disturbed by:

Bacteria and other micro-organisms
Industrial pollution
Exhaust gases of cars
Nicotine and pollen
Micro-organisms can be blown into the car by the air-conditioning system and inhaled by the passengers.

The solution

MIST service thoroughly disinfects the A/C system, the air ducts and the interior leaving the car smelling fresh and clean. Airco-Clean® is a neutral, water-based solution that eliminates harmful bacteria. It is a safe and long-lasting treatment which protecting against future contamination.

The advantages of performing a MIST service are:

Eliminates harmful bacteria
Removes unpleasant odours
Pleasant clean air
Long lasting effect

Western Pro Automotive Service will be pleased to give you advice about thorough cleaning of your air-conditioning system. MIST Service has approval from most major car manufacturers.

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Power Steering Service

Understanding power-steering

Most cars have hydraulic power steering. These systems work very hard to make the steering light and smooth. However, they can develop faults; your steering may become heavy for the first 10 minutes of driving or you may experience a notchy feel at lower speeds.
The manufacturers of power-steering systems believe that the most common reason for these problems is contaminated fluid. Unfortunately, power-steering fluid is seldom changed when a car is serviced.
Here at Western Pro Automotive Service we can flush out all the old power steering fluid and replace it with new high-quality fluid which will keep your steering smooth and responsive whilst reducing the chance of faults.

When should I have my power-steering fluid changed?

Western Pro Automotive Service recommend changing the power-steering fluid once every 3 years. This will ensure the fluid stays clean and the steering remains smooth.
Some manufacturers of power-steering racks insist the fluid is changed when a replacement rack is fitted. Warranty on a new power-steering rack may be void if the fluid is not changed.

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Transmission Flush Service

A common problem with automatic transmissions is rough and hard gear shifting due to poor maintenance. Although nearly ninety percent of automatic gearbox problems and failures are due to overheating and contamination, transmission fluid is seldom changed. As time goes on, the transmission’s vital parts begin to coat with sludge and varnish. According to ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) manufacturers, the addition of new fluid to contaminated fluid can actually cause additional problems.

A normal transmission service

A normal transmission drain and fill service can leave as much as 75% of the old fluid behind in the automatic gearbox. When new fluid is added it is immediately contaminated by the old fluid left in the system. These deposits can seriously impact on the proper operation of the transmission.
Here at Western Pro Automotive Service we can perform a special flush service on automotive transmissions which will safely remove harmful contaminants. This will help to extend the life of the gearbox components and ensure proper operation.

The benefits of this service are:

Smoother, faster gear shifting
Extended life of the gearbox
Cures shifting problems
Cures fluid leaks

transmission flush service