LPG Service & Repairs

Do you ever try to dig the earth and find out gold or diamonds? “No”, because it’s the job of the miners, and so you just buy the ornaments from the jewellery showroom.

The same prudence needs to be applied in the case of LPG conversion & tuning for vehicles as well. Most of the car owners, who desire to go this economical and eco-friendly way, form the opinion that as they are aware of the general procedure and its effects, visiting any of the workshops would serve the purpose. But, the technicalities are known only by the specialists. And so you should not risk your vehicle and bring it to our talented team members, who check it intensively and fit the LPG kit properly.

How do we handle LPG conversion & tuning throughout Sunshine, Derrimut, Caroline Springs, Deer Park, St Albans, and Rockbank?

  • Suggest the LPG conversion system which is most suitable for your car.
  • Discuss the action plan for installing the LPG kit with you.
  • Share the changes which might take place in the structure of your car.
  • Explain the multiple benefits which you would accrue once the conversion is done.
  • Use reliable quality products.
  • Accomplish the task in the specified time.
  • Charge reasonably.

We intend to enhance your joy, by supplementing the safety provided by the LPG kit, with our lifetime warranty on workmanship. Even if the LPG system installed by another workshop starts to exhibit problems, you can come to us, and get those resolved quickly.

LPG repairs tuning Derrimut