Performance Tuning Derrimut

We provide an ECU Remapping (tuning) service to customize and high-performance tuning everyday vehicles. This includes both Petrol and Diesel Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles, Motorcycles and PWC’s allowing you to get most from your vehicle in terms of efficiency, performance, and driveability.

ECU Remapping Melbourne

(Engine Tuning for Performance and Economy)

By default, from the factory, nearly all engines are detuned and have serious flat spots mapped into the ECU program. This is mainly done for emission legislation. By remapping the vehicle ECU we optimize the way in which your engine burns its fuel, this creates MORE POWER, gets rid of FLAT SPOTS, gives more TORQUE in lower rpm, gives BETTER THROTTLE RESPONSE and improves FUEL ECONOMY.

We provide custom ECU Remapping Service to upgrade your vehicle ECU to the most efficient way possible in St Albans, Sunshine, Rockbank, Derrimut, Deer Park, & Caroline Springs.

We use the latest available Tuning Software In today’s market to extract the most from your engine. If you want to raise Rev limiter on your vehicle or remove or implement a speed limiter we can do that as well.

performance tuning Sunshine