Pre-purchase Inspections

Buying a car is undoubtedly one of the major decisions of life, whether it’s a new one or a used car, as it consumes the savings you would have been making by cutting down expenses on your favourite chocolate or trendy dress.

And if this decision backfires, the agony and regret felt by the car owner is beyond guessing. Therefore, to protect yourself from such condition, you must get the automotive pre purchase inspection done for the used car you wish to purchase. Now, selecting the car service centre for this task is as tricky as choosing the car to buy. The technicians examining the vehicle should be sharp as a tack, as they need to gauge the mechanical and structural repairs conducted in the past because not every seller discloses such information easily.

We feel very proud to say that our team is competent of carrying out vehicle inspections in the most comprehensive manner. Our objective is to detect the auto electrical, mechanical, and structural faults present in the vehicle. We analyze the safety, drivability, and look factors while conducting an inspection and preparing the report. If you feel difficulty in understanding the report, we are always here to help you!

Assisting in automotive pre-purchase inspection across Caroline Springs, St Albans, Derrimut, Rockbank, Deer Park and Sunshine, we benefit our customers in twofold ways:

  • Enabling them to buy the most appropriate car and spend the savings wisely.
  • Charging nominal prices for our services.